Shadow Shifter

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Cly Novak

A changling made of living shadow. When they are "born" ( which happens when two adult shadow shifters meld together for awhile and create a little one), they wander off and find a living physical form. They take that form, and for the rest of their lives they perfect that form. They cannot copy what they cannot see, so they have to learn about the creature by taking them abpart, learning about their innards and stuff. Some the older ones are so perfect that they are just like all the rest and can even breed pure children. They can create DNA and you would never know what they were. They could be anything and anyone. From that first form, they can take other forms, using the same knowledge. Very old ones can assume hundreds of forms. But the catch is they can only be living things like animals. Otherwise, it doesn't matter. They never have to return to their true form. They can also congeal themselves in their true form to attack something, then become a shadow again and nothing but intense light injected into them can kill them. You can only kill them if you can get an intense light source into them somehow, so that they are burned away from the inside out and can't just assume a form and be unaffected by the light. They can live for as long as the Universe itself, and have been around since its own birth. They can survive the vacuum of space, and even impact into another planet, but getting off the planet is another matter. This one is young, pulling itself into perhaps it's first form. When they first assume a new form, their eyes are black. Crazy creatures.

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Category Science fiction

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