I love anime and manga, i've been watching and drawing it for a few years. Comics were my first passion and i occassionally draw a few pages... My current comic projects are quite numerous as i dabble in each one from time to time. Please look at my gallery and any tips on helping me with my drawing skills will be greatfully appreciated, or if you just want to say how good :> or bad :I also do requests and collaborations (i.e. colouring and additional character designs). 8th July 2005 - First bio update. Hey hey, been busy with college work, but been drawing like mad, hope you like the updates, and again, any comments and feedback is greatly appreciated. 15th July 2006 - Oh man!!! A year since my last update. Well, i have been busy. Updates are here, only three 2day and i hope you think i've improved a bit. I have been drawing a lot this year, mainly demonesses, warhammer, funny pics, warriors and character designs. I've even drawn a few comic pages, sorry, not fantasy. ENJOY!!!28th July 2006 - Hey there folks. A friend of mine asked me to do design some demon characters for a comic. Heres a couple plus some other. Enjoy!!!