Emile Néron

Hi, mmmMMMmmm, new section uh? Well, I'm gonna fill it up until my gallery spills on others from lack of space lol. There will be more coming up very soon. All the stuff you can see here was done in about a week. (P.S. no, I'm not on wellfare, I just drawed like a freak in between classes). Most of my inspiration comes from final fantasy. The best RPG series ever. And I've taken a sudden turn towards Ink. Its made my job wayyyyyyyy easier when its time to color, oh yes!. On a more formal note. I'm almost finished with the boring part of computer science (Only one semester to go). And then it'll be intership time. Also I will have a homepage and art gallery soon enough so I'll link it to here. Here's the people I admire the most in the woods : Stephanie Pui-Mun Law (In my opinion the best artist in all of the woods!) Julie Dillon (A great teacher and artist, her tutorials are very helpful for the beginners as well as for the intermediates) Well actually theres too many better artists than me out there for me to name them all (you should see my favorites folder) ... 06-10-01 - New style. Really tired of anime. Trying out a more detailed style, hence drawing X-men.