Øystein Nesheim

I am a art and design student from Norway and have always loved drawing. I was introduced to fantasy when I started on the Warhammer hobby. After that I was hooked! I read many fantasy stories from that universe and later moved on to Dungeons and Dragons. One great source of inspiration for me was Tolkien. i do not draw from that universe though. I almost never color my pictures, I love the art as it is with a pencil or pen! I even like the pencil sketches more than the final products of many artists. I have later been inspired by Witchblade, Spawn and Darkness. I like the drawings and try to use elements of them in mine. But I keep my art in a middle-age theme.I seldom do futuristic drawings, but I might do later! Cartoons are also something I dabble with, making caricatures of friends and family. I wish to become a illustrator and use my skills and experience from fantasy and cartoons to give my illustrations a special look. So basically I wish to be fameous and do lots of drawing:)