Michael Keeran

55 year old retired Army helo mechanic. I now part-time substitute teach. I dabble in CG art (the platform I use is DAZ/Studio/Bryce) and writing science fiction. Penguins rock: they don't fly, they swim, and they are snappy dressers. I like Staying clear of meteor impacts, swimming, baiting liberals, walking, baiting conservatives, penguins, my devoted cat, ... Hey! Get back here or no treats! Reading, pretending to understand trig. Favourite movies Movies: Serenity TV shows: Firefly, SAAB, BSG (new) Favourite books Fantasy: depends SF: Heinlein, Varley, Pournelle, Dickson, Card, Robinson, Drake, Dalmas, et al Favourite music Nazi beer hall tunes done to a disco beat. Seriously, Dido, Cranberries, Mike Oldfield, Yes, Moody Blues, Enya, Clannad, bagpipes (Scottish and Uileann), Dire Straits, Enigma, The Ventures, Outkast, Jethro Tull, Gloria Estefan, ABBA, et al