I write here and there, Ill be putting up some pictures in my other works some of which relate to the stories that I have written. I like Reading, writing and sketching. Favourite movies Lord of the Rings series, Star Wars series, Stargate, Timeline, Fifth Element Favourite books Lord of the Rings, Redwall, Dune

The Beast and the Snail

Just a basic poem.

Fearsoul Episode 2 : Learning the Ropes

This is episode 2 where Drauis relearns out to use his magic and a few new tricks.

Fearsoul Episode 1

This is the first episode of Fearsoul. Its still a work in progress, hope you enjoy!

The Sound of Thunder Chapter 1

A story about a man who sets out to find his brother after a war had detroyed the kingdom they called home. Its a fantasy story and told kinda like a diary in first person narration.

The war from Hill's Revenge

Some information on the war that is refrenced in the story about the war and here Hill met the 4 men he killed in the beginning.

Hill's Revenge

Basically its a story about a man who comes back from war and finds that his wife has been murdered and his kids sold into slavery. He knows who did it because his wife wrote a small scribble on a piece of paper before she died. He hunted down the men who were responsible and found them meeting in a tavern. Along the way to the tavern he meet an elf who was a sharpshooter during the war. Now he has only one thing on his mind, to kill the men responsible. 

The Tour

Just a writing I made about a dragon who watches the old world turn new as one life diminishes and another grows in its place. Its nothing long, but just something I decided to write on the fly. So enjoy!


(Peale Works) A story that I've been writing for a little while. What I've posted is just the plot of the story not much else. I will be uploading the story when I'm done with it and try to get some artwork to help things abit.