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(From, 'To Cast a Shadow')He was sitting on a bench outside, his arms crossed over his chest, his face up, staring coldly at the people walking by, not giving him enough care as to do as much as look down at his watery eyes. The elve sat next to him on the splintering wood seat and put one of her soft hands onto his arm. He didn’t move. “Ranitin?” he didn’t answer. He didn’t blink. He didn’t cry or budge a muscle. She sighed. “Rain, if you don’t answer me I’ll grab your ears!” she warned. He kept in position. Elimor sat thinking for a moment before she swiftly made a grab for his long, narrow ears. She took a hold of them, only to be thrown back as he snapped on her. “DON’T TOUCH ME!” he growled, looking at her more angrily than he did previously to the civilians that walked by, continuing their everyday lives. His tears had disappeared completely now, leaving him simply maddened. “Why is this hurting you so much? It’s only a bar. We’re not even drinking. We’re gonna ask questions and leave. It’s not the end of the world!” Elimor explained, trying hard not to yell, but still expressing clear misunderstanding. It threw Ranistin to his feet and he towered over Elimor. “You don’t get it! I don’t care about drinking! It wont help. Should I drink myself to death it still wouldn’t matter, because nothing can take my pains away! I’ll die knowing how I had to live!” he whispered his yelling, trying not to draw attention to himself. “Everywhere I go, People call me a mutt, freak, strange… I belong no where! I came here hoping to find acceptance, but all I find is more hurting…” he barely choked. A tear glistened and fell, dribbling from his chin and splashed on the dry ground. Elimor sat looking up at him for a moment, her eyes filled with sorrow. Then without warning, and yet still with all the likeliness she jumped to her feet and put her arms around him. Her face pressed into his chest and she tightened her grip around his body, holding as if though she might just lose him if she let go. “Dammit Rain! Don’t say that! It’s not always like that. Look how we treat you! I love you, even if they don’t!” she cried. Ranitin was still for a moment, speechless. His mind was blank, heart full. It lead his mighty gloved hand up onto her back, and he held her warmly. “Why Eli? Why are you different?” he silently spoke. Her shoulders shrugged. “I guess I’m just as different as you…”

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