I'm an at home mom with 3 beautiful sons. I'm married to 'my inspiration'. I have painted since I was a child and took many courses in figure drawing, but concentrated mainly on the female form. Art is a hobby of mine though my main background is in religious history and counseling. I like to help people to find themselves. I don't see people as they are, but rather like to look at what I see 'inside' of them. I don't see things like normal people, but then what exactly is the definition of 'normal' anyway? I work mainly on 18x24 canvas most of the time which gives me more room to play, but unfortunately makes it hard to scan.Other Great Artists to visit! Shalini 'Silverwolf' Latchman Hillary T.A. Deline Kim Marie Vilimek Michael John Morris Mikko Kankaanpaa Kim Van Gampelaere Niels Just Rasmussen Lisa Falzon Zamia Rose Sebastian