Kat Nicholson

Sorry to say that I don't used Elfwood much these days, but if you're on DeviantArt look me up: thedreamwolf.deviantart.com Kat: Freelance Creative, specializing in Comic strip art, character design, concept art, illustration and animation. On comments: I appreciate comments with constructive content so if you can think of any constructive criticism on any of these pieces, please go ahead and share with me. I try to give construtcive content in the comments I leave at other people's galleries too, please don't inturpret this as an attack on you or your artwork! On contacting: If you have something important to say/ask that demands a reply, your best bet is to email me instead of leave a comment - there's a link on the right hand side there. :] On Comissions: If there's something you want me to draw then your best bet is to commission me! Please email me for more information. On Art Trades/Requests/Colabs: I don't tend to do these because I'm so busy (unfortunately, art which pays the bills has to come first!!) On Using my work: If you want to use an image which I have created, then please email me and ask my permission, so long as you're not making money from it I'll more than likely say "yes" straight away, but it's only polite to ask permission of the artist before you use their work. :)