Nicklas Lundkvist

The name is Nicklas and I'm a self thought artist from the cold kingdom of Sweden. Drawing and sketching is something I have always enjoyed doing and the fantasy genre has been my main path for almost two decades. You can find more art, including a few other genres, on my homepage Artwork commissions are accepted and more details regarding this can be found on the above link.HELP WANTED!  I have decided its time to initiate a makeover of my little nook but for that I need your help. I'm taking down some of my old pictures and you are all welcome to make a contribution by listing my three "worst" pieces. I'll count the votes later on and get rid of the ones least popular. Naturally new artwork will be uploaded to replace the ones voted off. I like Drawing, obviously, but I also love listening to music, watching movies and reading/writing books. Favourite movies Stardust, the James Bond-series, the Lord of the rings trillogy... and the Alien/Predator series... and... oh, there are so many great movies I can't count them all. Favourite books Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman is such a great book. Read it if you haven't already! Favourite music The "Black Hawk Down" soundtrack by Hans Zimmer is pretty awesom in my opinion. Ordinary music? Well, I enjoy listening to Linkin Park, Korpiklaani, 3 Doors Down and such.