Nicole Hering

My name is Nicole and I live in your closet. Okay, not really... ^_~ I do commissions (e-mail me! :D) and art trades (if you ask nicely). I'm a nice person if you e-mail me to talk or say hi or whatever, or you can contact me on AIM and ICQ. If you want to use my art for your web page or anything like that, pleasepleaseplease ask me first. Ping me on AIM or drop me an e-mail if you'd like to use my art. I'm a softie and will probably say yes if you promise to credit, etc blah blah. :D Kudos to my sweeties, you see-razy children. You know who you are. *glomphugcling* A note to anyone who has tried to contact me (e-mail or a comment here) in the last, oh... year or two... I'd lost the password to this account and the e-mail address got messed up so I never received them. Try again? I'll get back to you this time, promise. :D