Nicole Henderson

I am a teenager, and I am severe/profoundly deaf, with the ability to talk normal. I love to draw, but sadly my drawings never seem to look excatly like the picture in my mind, but I consider them alright overall. Many things inspire me, it could be a movie or comic, or a layout of a website or even in my dreams. I try to keep a pencil, eraser and my sketchbook nearby so I can draw whenever inspiration comes. Well, except for when I am in schooling, or busy with something lol. I also love to write poems or songs, and am currently writing a book that hopefully will be done this century, lol. I also do the trend of 'dolling' on the computer, as well play with meshes and skins. I also love to create layouts but rarely I use them, for they don't seem to look 'professional' to me. I also love to trace my drawn picture onto the computer with my wacom tablet and color them in on the computer was well (tho I haven't done that too often..). My goal, ultimate goal, is to be the first severe/profoundly deaf actress to play a normal role.

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