I don't really know why I don't update more. I need a new page though. That is for sure. I only have two more slots left on this page. I keep hoping that Elfwood will expand its allowance of pictures per page, but that seems to be a vain hope. Oh well. I am 17/f/ and located in a little nowhere town in TN. At any rate. I enjoy drawing very much and feel truely outdone only in my friend Joanna's artwork ( www. ... She hasnt updated in a while either, so none of her works that I consider truely awesome are on her page. She has inspired a few of drawings. Oh well. I am still working at getting Chicoo back on my page, so hopefully he will be back and entertaining you again soon so you do not have to listen to my boring nonsense ramblings. ((Check my FanArt page to see Chicco (hint: He is in the Christmas Elves picture)))