Tasha Johnson

I've always loved drawing. I've done it since I could hold a crayon with enough dexterity and maybe a bit before. Sometimes art is the only thing that keeps me sane, in this insane world I live in. I'm juggling the International Baccalaureate Program, finding a job, a boyfriend and lots of community service, while still trying to make it to the gym three or four times a week at least. So, in my leisure time I mannage to throw out a few sketches, and sometimes even mannage to put out a decent colored piece. I'm still working on learning how to use my computer to enhance my work, so bear with me. Most of the pictures I have up now are from a few years back, and I'll be doing my best to put up some current work a.s.a.p. and adding some color the sketches I've got posted already. I hope everyone enjoys my artwork (BTW how do you like my rendering of my picture??? I scanned my head te he he! Then I inverted all the colors and messed around with it a bit. When I did the same with my friend, she looked like a faery. Too bad the effect wasn't as neat with me, but I thought it would be better than a normal boring picture.) Also, if anyone has any good ideas about the best way to color pictures, so that they don't looks so discombobulated after they're scanned, PLEASE e-mail me with some tips, 'cause I'm totally lost in that area.