Well! Let's update my bio..It's been a long time since I did. Im still drawing a bit when im not working. Not as much as Id hope but I think Ill pick it up again :) I really think I should take out my old work and keep the more recent art...let me know if you guys like me to keep the old stuff.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I'm currently trying to find my way in photoshop. the first pic i made with it is the moonelf one. pretty basic... I'm working currently on a couple of charachterpictures of the stories of David Paoletti. Great opportunity for me to find my way around in photoshop. Edgar is the first one. If you like to read about the charachters go visit his library. a link can be found in my friendlist.  Any advise on working with photoshop will be most welcome. of course :)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Oh...a new as well. I also have a deviant art page now. If you like prints or leave comments.. go visit :)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I like Sailing, surfing, flying, hiking Favourite movies LOTR Favourite books The sword of truth series, Wheel of time Favourite music Black eyed peas, vangelis, deep purple, armin van buren, dj tiesto, within temptation, U2, and many more