Kedi, Elven Ranger

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Danielle Agar

This is yet another long-defunct roleplaying character of mine, Kedi M'Rrytt. She was an interesting oddity, being an elf with a more than maxed out strength. Her experiences were fun but short.

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The Ersatz Fairy

This is another from the For Gettington project. (See Briar Ruotze.) I know this one was based on a particular fairy tale, but I can't remember which and I can't even remember the story. Magic enters a realistic modern setting and wreaks havoc as per usual.

September Incorporated

This is actually a pastiche of MUD experiences. All three of the characters involved are defunct, so I don't mind sharing it as much as I would if they were still functional. This is very obviously incomplete, but I have no intention of ever finishing it. Still, I think it suits the Elfwood mood very well. The MUD in question is Dark and Shattered Lands. I go through characters there like popcorn, but I find the location very fertile for the imagination. If the story piques your interest, check out


This is a project I started for myself a very long time ago. I had intended to write a very deep story about sibling rivalry within a high fantasy elven culture framework. I never finished it, but someday, when I remember where I was going, I hope to come back to it.


This is another from the For Gettington project. (See Briar Ruotze.) I remember the story this was based on, but, for the life of me, I can't remember the title. *sigh* Something like The Goatherd or Cowherd or Goatswain... no, arg. This is what happens when your computer explodes and you lose all your files. Anyway, I think this is my favourite of the 5, for all that it's not quite in the same spirit as the rest of the Gettington stuff. I've managed to pull off the fairy tale's morality in a modern setting and grasp that weirdness when a fairy tale involves no real magic and yet is still a fairy tale.

Those Who Welcome Death

This is my attempt at creating a new and original system of magic and writing a story within it. I put it to one side a very long time ago and have since completely forgotten where I was going. However, I do intend to come back and develop this someday.

Bricriu and Nemuin

This is actually my final paper for last year's Celtic Literature class. It's my attempt at adding to the Ulster Cycle for those of you who really know your ancient Irish literature. :) None of the characters are original although I modified most of them at least a little, but the story is all mine if you ignore the fact that it's a very traditional myth pattern a la Circe. The style is EXTREMELY traditional, so don't berate me on that. It's supposed to be that way. :)

Briar Ruotze

This is part of my fairy tale/Charles de Lint project called 'For Gettington' for my OAC Writer's Craft class. One of a series of 5. It's essentially a rendering of a classic fairy tale into a modern setting. This one is not actually Briar Rose. I can't remember which classic I had in mind, but it ended up being just a generic elemental fairy tale, stuck to the basics, in a modern setting. Needs some work (as do most of my ditties), but it'll do. Definitely a la Charles de Lint style, but I stole no ideas or names from him, and the project was about his ability to take fantasy and make it modern, so I couldn't really help it.

Mischief at Hand: A Pij Storynote

This is a story note for my character from my favouritest MUD, Dark and Shattered Lands. I used to do story notes for other characters in the past, but I never saved them. *thwap self* So this time, I'm sharing with as many people as I can. It's short and sweet and to the point... --> Goblin chickie strikes back! (Or at least intends to.)

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