Charley Holden

I hate these things cause i never know what to put. I like I like Kingdom hearts,Avatar and i acationaly draw fairys and i love to read it is my hobby and i love music.I sometimes write i am in the middle of an idea at the moment. and when i draw i think i am not very good and when i do draw i mostly do black and white i am not good with colour. I love Onimusha two, Kingdom hearts 2 is the best, devil may cry, i spend my life at the moment on final fantasy dirge of cerberus and i cant wait for the new kingdom hearts game thats suposed to be out soon. I love assasins creed and i pretty much live for my games, be it video games or card games. I love cosplay and anime and manga are a hue part of my life. I love to write but agai n m stuff isnt very good its like a huge brain meldown Favourite movies Doctor who is good as is avatar the last air bender,I am a big fan of Oban star racers and i have the box sets. I like star treck the movies old and new,I also like lord of the rings and the ultmimate star wars.the matrix and i really enjoyed them and i love the film the breakfast club and Constantine loved the music video thing for it. I love doctor who. Star treck star wars and star gate are also some of my favorites. I have recently started bleach and im loving that as well. I love fantasy as an entire genre so its so hard to name any awesome films cause I am bombarded with so many Favourite books Books are a great love of mine. If im not gameing i will be reading so its kind of hard to name a favorite but how about tales of a goth librarian. But i was litteraly sat here for ten minuets thinking of it Favourite music I enjoy lots cinema bizzare,three days grace,death cab for cutie,likin park,my chemical romance, the music from kingdom hearts,perfect circle, AFI, The smiths, bullet for my valetine, lost prophets, good charlotte, breaking benjamin, six am, lost prophets, panic at the disco,VNV nation, asp, poets of the fall, black stone cherry, HIM, simple plan, go audio, the black out, TCH, Jet, rolling stones, derec and the dominos especially layla, the kinks, crazy town, night core,

The weaver

A goddess who possessed great skill on her nloom that she was asked to weave the sky