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Broken Hierophant Kind  and gentle he wished for all beings to live in harmony. He called Messiah by the name Chenrezig. The hierophants first name was Avalokitesvara and he always worked to unite all gods and goddesses as one family. However the Hierophant was distressed and angered by Jehovah’s betrayal of the counsel  of deities. For the first time he became a warrior wielding a great spear of one hand and a wheel  of death in his other hand. His acolytes called him by two names in his battle frenzy. One was Indra bringer of lightning and storms. The other was Lord Shiva wielder of destruction‘s great ring. The Hierophant battled Jehovah giving the emperor enough time to fulfill The Will’s wishes by shattering it with the sacred hammer.  The hierophant lamented because many of his friends had died in the uprising. From his wish to be reunited with his loved ones the wheel of rebirth was created. The hierophant would have another chance to make the wrong things right as would those who fell heroically by his side in the first city.   Windows into the future He paints and draws the images that flash through his mind like a big screen movie. Yet my friend is unknowing that like me he has the gift to look into the future. For him his artistic musings are an escape from a painful past and the depressing drama unfolding around him. His apartment has fallen into disarray but he does not care. He has lost his lover. He has been broken and disappointed by many lies. He has become bitter, withdrawn, and melancholy. The Hierophant no longer fears death for it would simply be a release. Ben, don‘t give up. We’re coming I promise! You’ll be among  friends soon  and we’ll have a chance to make it all right  again! Just hold on. For me, For Alice, For Sarena, For Alex, For Lucian, For Terrence, For Felicia, For future friends yet unmet, but most of all for yourself …Please.  Indra: God of storms. A courageous warrior. He will eventually evolve into Shiva. His horns are metal to better conduct electricity for his attacks. Ben’s first alter ego. Shiva: A just and caring god to innocents but a wrathful and frightening god to evil souls. In one hand he holds a spear and in the other he holds a ring of destruction. His mask is frightful but it is said his true face is kind and gentle. He made rebirth possible so good hearted souls could continue their struggle against the church of heresy, the forgotten lord of blood, sinew, and shadow, as well as the great betrayer Jehovah. Nightsavior: An ominous dark monstrosity birthed from Ben’s rage and regrets. He has very powerful attacks and the ability to instill instant terror into most enemies. Phoenix:  Mythical bird with flaming feathers that represented justice, healing, and rebirth. Starts as Herbert’s alter ego but passes on to Ben after Herbert dies. Herbert’s noble sacrifice also makes it possible for Terrence’s alter ego Atlus to evolve into Gautma. Avalokitesvara: Enlightened Buddha aspect of Shiva. Has many arms to help all people in need and represents the path to Nirvana. His holy attacks are some of the most powerful in the game. His “total renewal” special can resurrect everyone that has fallen at full health, cure all status ailments, and completely fill all potential magic energy gauges. Design notes: In some ways Ben is the main protagonist though to be frank he is not a charismatic leader or the stereotypical “sexy bad boy”. In truth it is the other characters that give Ben his strength and inspiration making them just as important. The reason Ben has more alter egos then the other characters is not an issue of being more powerful but rather because psychologically he went through a lot of  trauma that shattered his psyche. The scar  across  his face further symbolizes he lived a hard life of having to adapt and grow up quickly. The colors red and black represent adversity,pain, and strength through temperance. The words “broken hierophant” imply Ben is generally a caring and honest person but also  someone that is bitter,weakened, and jaded from being betrayed and under appreciated. The question mark embroidered on his trench coat hints a bit at the naive fool arcana though it is not his main symbolic association. He is not perfect by any means and puts his foot in his mouth on occasion or makes brash decisions despite having much wisdom.

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