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    Church of Heresy    Her name was Mary Bolaine, beautiful and kind yet by narrow minded hypocrites she was burned and maimed. In the church of heresy they judged her a witch for she saw what they could not see and could perform miracles they could not fathom. Had she been Christian she would have been  seen as  a saint, but a gypsy and pagan girl was Mary Bolaine.  They took their turns their touches filled with lust and hate. Mary Bolaine  was no longer a virgin and was marked by taint. On aroused flesh and bitter seed did she begin to suffocate……After the rape orgy the tied her to a stake. She cried as she burned, eyes stinging from the smoke that churned. Before she left this mortal  coil she promised to return as a goddess reborn with the souls of Tara and Kali in her womb, to good souls she would be a savior but to evil souls she would be doom. The Tower , Birth of Tara and Kali In the tower they gathered. A tower born of promises. A tower born of sacrifices. They were told if they united both halves of the wheel of harmony with blood from Lillith The Star would be born. A young goddess was  indeed reborn from their hopes . For a time all was well. Tara was raised with love by a man that took it upon himself to be her father. Unbeknownst to the sacred Order however there were those  in their ranks that wanted to use Tara as a weapon to serve their own agendas  instead of as a savioress to help mankind. The serpent of smoke betrayed the order. Many were killed that day. Black magic was the tool to do the murders. Tara was taken by those with ugly motives and sinister objectives. In the real world the use of  her powers scared other children and she was often called a witch. This filled Tara with hatred and sorrow which was what the serpent of smoke desired. Tara’s grief and rage gave birth to Kali a darker persona within her mind. To further Tara’s corruption  she was forced  into many sexual rites against her will and made to be a slave of the flesh. This was all to temper her into a tool by the occult that abused her.  It became easy to lie, cheat, and hurt others after awhile. Tara built up a fortress around herself as cold and unyielding as marble. Only one special young man would be able to get inside her walls and purify Tara’s heart with the fires of the phoenix…The Hierophant. The Lovers: So it will be two lovers will have the power to choose what path to tread and determine whether we are saved or damned. However their love will be started based on lies and half truths.  The girl’s caring father will be devoured by an evil serpent that emerges from the smoke of deception and that serpent will seduce her with temptation. She will grow numb and hollow. She will do cruel things yet justify them and not have the capacity to feel guilt, remorse, or pity. The young man betrayed by the girl will birth a new self within his soul out of his grief, sorrow, and rage that holds the power to destroy all that is. Thus will the lovers be turned against each other, forced to fight for what seems like an eternity. Yet then a good feathered serpent will fly down from the heavens and show the lovers the folly of their conflict. He will give them a way to use their special gift to gather the threads of fate to create a better reality and destroy the evil ones. Will the special girl embrace her lost humanity? Will  the young man see his new self not only has the power to destroy life but also create life? That is up to the lovers themselves. No prophecy has one set fate. The temple The lovers exhausted and weary from their conflicts reach the temple at last. If they fight and destroy each other darkness as thick as tar will cover our world like a great cancer, corrupting all life. The evil ones will have won rebirthing a savage waste land born of hatred. However if the lovers forgive each other and embrace then make love upon the alter a sacred weapon will be formed that can obliterate The Betrayer and The forgotten God of Blood, sinew, and Shadows. Kali:  Goddess born of anger. Known for slaying demons and encouraging women to be strong. She is the warrior aspect of Tara. Tara:  Goddess of mercy, healing, and limitless compassion. She can cure diseases and ease troubled souls with a mere touch. Her third eye allows her to perceive things invisible to the normal 5 senses. When she is angered she becomes Kali.   Design notes: The very name  Kara Hemmingway is a lie as is Kara's life to a degree. She was created by an organization in a genetic facility for various agendas some good and some bad. It seemed like her creators; all belonged to different fractions thus fought amongst themselves to have  the right to use her as they saw fit. Max Hemmingway, Madeline Davenport, And Finetti were the only people that cared for her and thus  she saw them as her surrogate parents. Eventually Max had Oswald hecklin use hypno therapy on Kara to make her forget what she was so she could live a normal happy life. Unfortunately goddesses reborn have a hard time fitting in. Kara is by far the most complex female character. Every main cult or fraction in the story have their own agendas for her. She is kidnapped,coerced,brainwashed,  and sexually assaulted  many times. This causes a split in personalities. Kara is  upbeat,happy, and sympathetic to others. Her kindness,positive attitude, and empathy allows her to use the  Arya Tara alter ego. The part of Kara that is the victim however eventually explodes into  seething rage and resentment for all people be they friends or enemies. This personality calls herself Mary which relates to Kara's traumatic past life that was burnt at the stake as a witch but promised to return with both the goddess aspects of Tara and Kali inside her. Mary is cold hearted,vindictive,manipulative,and untrusting. She is all  about survival even if it means deceiving,killing, and using others. As expected Mary has acess to the darker alter ego of Kali that in many ways is the flip side of Arya Tara.  It isn't that "Mary" is evil par se but rather that she doesn't want to be hurt or get close to others. Later in the story line  Kara and Mary separate  physically into two individuals. Kara has to eventually confront Mary and defeat her and by doing so she gets both the Kali persona and Tara persona fused into a higher goddess form called Quan yin. Kara generally wears bright colors that represent innocence,playfulness,passion, and sensuality whereas Mary wears crimson, and dark colors coupled with a school girl attire that suggests a type of seductive quality but also a hidden dangerous edge. As has been observed she is the romantic interest of Ben O'sheely and their relationship can go in many directions depending on choices made during the story.Church of Heresy     

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