Hello! Welcome to my page. I hope you enjoy what you find here and I will drop the little friendly reminder right now that everything here is protected by laws of copyright, so please respect intellectual property! That being said, a little about myself first. I am a mom of 2 living in the Western USA. I am going to school for a career in the medical profession, but my real passion is writing. I also love to draw, take pictures, listen or play music, etc. I've always been into Fantasy and sci-fi. The first book I ever read front to back being 'Castle in the Attic'. I have written fantasy based works since I was old enough to know how to construct a sentence on paper. About my work- I have been drawing from a very young age, but most of my work concentrated on animals. Only more recently have I encorporated people and yes- I need some practice. Lately my favorite subjects have been angels along with the usual female subjects (I can't draw men!) but I am working on more male subjects because- well- they're more interesting for me ;) The faces give me a lot of trouble as do the hands. Something to work on.... You'll notice a decided absence of color (oh- not totally anymore!). I work with pencil or pen but rarely anything with color. Once in awhile colored pencil or oil pastel will sneak in. I used to work a lot with charcoal but haven't recently- I intent to again soon. Another media I intend to pick up again is scratch board. Keep checking for some of those!