Disclamer: Dominique Dzioba Is a Desturbed indevidual with a messed up mind. Anything Desturbing found in her gallery is Just the product of insanity. This Indevidual Roleplays, Paints, draws, does Photography, Reads way too much and writes. If you are intrested in finding more about this person please look at her LiveJournal. Thank you Okay yeah I'm messed up, but I'm fun aren't I? Oh yeah I'm gonna start updateing more regularly. So Like Check back and see. Oh and PLEASE COMMENT, I want what you really think of my work C&C are always welcome I waqnt to know what i can work on. I know i need improvements. Okay I do RP and paint, write, draw, read and do photography, But I'm not That much of a freaky artist type person. Okay That was a bit of a lie. But I'm kinda a normal artist too, I can do The same old stuff too, I have a water color landscape in my scetch book to prove it. :P Okay update: I'm taking a drawing class in school so expect som more shaded stuff. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have several Pictures without Comments that i would like opinons on. - Battle Scars - Centaur- Demoness- Feamle Satyr - 'The Journey' - Galun - 'The Journey' - Jacob- 'The Journey' - Tinodia - Master and his Pet- Naga Study (3)- Laucaia- One Winged- Priestess- Lion Anthro- But Why Don't You Trust Me?- Winged Demon- Britney's Faerie