Nikol Bouzková

My name is Nikol Bouzková. I was born in Ústí nad Labem in Czech republic. My zodiac index is lion and monkey. ^^Between my mainly hobbies belongs writting poetic(in czech leangue), desinging(clothes), drawing mystical and other beings, incluning dragons, unicorn, phoenix, gryphics, cat, wolfs.... ^^ And more and more...I visiting classes arabic dance and singing in choir Ústecký d?tský sbor(so that I know singing-perhaps) and photographing-animal, landscape, honnorable, modeling photos ....My next hobbies are riding horse, animal, animal, more animal and from animal mainly my boyfriend XDDD...Okay ezoterics, music, reading books, playing games and writing notice, ANIME and MANGA, translation manga(in czech), my friend, again my friends, once again my friedns, tea-rooms.. Uf...Just??? ^^ I like ^-^ character cat Favourite movies VanHelsing, Bleach, DragonHeart, Underworld, Chobits, Spirited Away, Vampire Hunter D, Howl´s Moving Castle, Mononoke Hime, FulllMetal Alchemist... Favourite books The Amber, Earthplace Favourite music Rock, Metal, Alternativ, Clasic, J-music