Kirsten Cartoski

Hiya! This is Kirsten, although most people on the net prefer to call me 'Niliphim' or 'Nili', whichever suits them best! Welcome to my fantasy art gallery! A little about myself? I'm an avid fan of J.R.R. Tolkein, Robert Jordan, Frank Herbert, anime/ manga, Star Wars, LOTR, and X-Men. My art? Well, I draw just about anything that comes to mind. Doesn't matter. I often have sporratic bouts of inspiration often brought on by Mountain Dew Code Red or a 24- hour marathon of Star Wars. (Or something else to that effect.) Although a lot of my art has spawned from my fan fiction characters. BTW- The moderators should love me by now, seeing as how my updates are few and far between. ;)Anyhow, enjoy your stay, check some art, drop a comment, have an adult beverage or two... no, no. Just kidding on the last one. But DO have fun! (And leave a comment! please?) Updates: 'Dispense Justice'