Nina Roussakova

I'm a 20 years old young woman, full of sparkling potential. I have lived in Russia and the Netherlands, and I am currently living in the UK. I'm Russian by birth, I speak and read 3 languages, and write two. My Russian isn't that good, I make loads of grammar mistakes. I've started writing a while ago. When I was 12 I was inspired by Taena (a world I made up) and then I had a long break, writing occasionally. I hope you'll enjoy my creations :) One of my favourite writers here in Elfwood is Erik Burger. I really suggest you read at least one of his stories or poems. I met Erik Burger through 'dutch-elfwood' when I found out that he liked Terry Goodkind as well. I'm crazy about Goodkind, he is a very good author. If you haven't read any of his books. I SUGGEST YOU DO! RIGHT NOW! And you can also visit this Forum, made especially for Goodkind's fans. Other writers: Eric Gilley Brian Bergstrom Mickael Bechard 'Torn' is my main story. Other things are sometimes related to the story, such as 'First Encounter'. I won't be putting any new 'Torn' chapters up, so if you want to read more, please email me. And above all, enjoy yourself!

Torn - Chapter 3

This is chapter three. It's pretty much just another day...although a lot of things happen...again. Here you will get to know Shae Torin and Dyn better.

D'Iradon (description of a city)

This is a description of a city on Taena.

Torn - Chapter 5

Okay, this is more or less an introduction to Raphael's new place. You get to know him better, that's for sure! It is also a lot about Acaia, and her 'witchy' problems.

Torn - Chapter 9

This chapter is about what happens with the soldiers and Shae. You will notice that, compared to her previous behavior, she has slightly changed already.

Torn - Chapter 7

Seventh chapter. For those who didn't read all the previous chapters, I suggest you start at 1.

Lantenra ceta Nera

This is a short tapenckian poem about love.

Torn - Chapter 1

This is chapter 1 of a story. It might be a bit short for a chaper since it's only 2 and a half pages, but oh well. This is the story of a half-demon who is much like an innocent girl. She was created by a powerful wizard who wants a perfect creature for his own purposes. Thank you for placing new comments. (I had lost my comments some time ago)

Confusion of Love

This is the translation of 'Lantenra ceta Nera'.

Torn - Chapter 4

The forth chapter already! Well, you'll see what happens here.

I See And Yet I'm Blind

This is a short poem I wrote a day before he broke up...

Eylith Poem

This is a poem about eyliths, written by an eylith.

Torn - Chapter 6

The sixth chapter of the story allready! Ah, this is going sooo well!

Torn - Chapter 11

This is a chapter that introduces Raphael's gift. It seems he is not the person we thought he was *wink*

Torn - Chapter 10

This is the tenth chapter of Torn. In this chapter Raphael finds his father, and Shae comes in contact with Dominic.

Seekers of the Night - The beginning

Okay, as you all wished... I made it a bit longer. Perhaps I shouldn't have worked on it... I RUINED it!

Torn - Chapter 2

This is chapter 2, in this chapter you can read about the life in the castle, and you might find out a little bit more about Shae's history.

Torn - Chapter 8

In this chapter you will get hinted at something about Torin. Raphael is still traveling. Shae is terribly sorry. Well, just read...okay?

First Encounter

This is a poem written by Raphael. At this time he sneaked out of camp, and met his one and only true love. *giggles*