Nina Maurer

*11-28-2000* How bad am i?? I havent drawn much in a while, cause i -have- been busy.(Jon!) I did do one drawing the other day but it doesnt really live up to my elfwood standards so i havent scanned or put it up. I'm trying really hard to draw more but as i grow in my high school years im learning that my goals are moving torwards singing and not art. Im really sorry for those who have been aspired or looked to me as a..hmm..what word should i use...hope that i might excel...that puts it well i believe. I will still draw in my spare time but i fear that it is not what i desire in life, art that is. Singing is the 'love of my life' you can say. I truely am sorry for all of you out there. Please continue to comment (there has been a dry spell for a long time now and im a little disappointed with that a bit) Thank you for all of you out there and good luck with ALL of your works!!!! Salutations! Nina!