Nina Riggs

Alright, I'm 17 years old, Senior in High School, and this would be the third year I've taken art class (Art III baby! 'Teacher selects who gets in and who doesn't.) but I've been drawing for years. I do mainly all of my art at home or in class when I'm not supposed to. All the stuff you see here will be mainly doodles. I never really spend more than an hour on anything...not like I actually ever timed myself... I should spend more time on them 'cause I know they'll turn out better, but oh well. Most of the stuff here is actually real old. Yeah, I do alot of anime and Harry Potter shtuff. Hehehe, Imma Potteraholic. =^_^= UPDATE!: 8/1/03: One more picture. Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes. Enjoy.