Michelle Mercer

Hey there (^,^) My name's Chelle, or Owlie (which I prefer). I'm currently 17, and I live way out in the high deserts of California about an hour north of Los Angeles--basically, middle of nowhere status. As you could probably imagine, there's not much to do out here, so to pass the time I write poetry and dapple in fiction and art. I've been a practicing writer since I was 11, which is coincidentally when my first poem was "published" :o Exciting! Since then I've written over 60 poems and multiple bits of prose and fiction, including two unfinished attempts at novelling and a WIP comic book script. I've been a member of Elftown for five years and am now a retired Council/Crew member and a Daily Poem Boss. All of my poetry can be found there, and all my art on DeviantArt (mostly lame fanart, vut I'm getting the hang of other things).Feel free to browse my stuff. I'm always looking for constructive criticism (^,^) I like Reading, short fiction, poetry, science fiction, dwarves, horror/slasher flicks, Distopia/Utopia novels, video games, charcoal and watercolour drawings/paintings Favourite movies Star Trek TOS, Star Wars, Minority Report, Enemy Mine, K-PAX, Starman, the Bodysnatchers/the Invasion, The Thing, Lord of the Rings, Pan's Labyrinth, M. Night Shyamalan films, Stephen King films, and many many more Favourite books The Gods Themselves, I Robot, Foundation, the Time Machine, Fahrenheit 451, The Giver, Redwall series, the Thief Lord, Hitchhikers Guide series, 1984, Animal Farm, and several others Favourite music Pretty much anything but pop


The Barren Grass

A short piece of fiction vaguely inspired by both Stephen King's The Gunsliger, and the movie The Fountain. I was just thinking that it would be interesting for a place to be stripped of life and water, but still appear innocent and beautiful, and it turned into this nightmare :) Enjoy.

Chapter I: The Voices

The first chapter of my unfinished sci-fi novel, Just Devourings. It was to focus on an underground organization of journalists fighting against a distopian society in the Earth's not too distant future :) Perhaps more to come.

Quiet Wings

A short simple poem about the hidden darkness within a faerie.