Steff Morris

Hi, this is me Steff *waves like a silly person* At the moment Im just being your typical College student, with a difference I do have a job unlike the rest of those lay abouts back in my Art class *points to best mate* (work would kill him). Anyhow besides working one day a week and college 5 days a week, I spend a great deal of my waking life role playing. Thats why most of my art here is geared towards the characters I play, Note: all my characters second names are Dawndreamer. There all part of the same clan, Shiva was my first though...back oh...back in the days of old when I'd never attempted Role Play before, bless. Things have changed lot since then though. So Anyways Im 17 and come from this scrotty place called Sheffield in the north of England. I of course Support Sheffield Wednesday, good football lol. *Points to Photo* and yes that is me, or it was before I had my hair cut about a week afterthe piccy was taken. Of course I dont Role Play or go to College or work all the time, I bowl as well, you know 10 pin. I think at the moment I go 3 times a week, man I love that sport and if that isnt enough to do in a week I also adore my Play Station *drools over Tidus FFX* hmmm.... I think Ive covered everything. Oh wait I'd love it if you left a comment or something along the lines of that, I need some pointers on my art. Or Indeed if you want to do an art swap, ask me for a *hint hint* comission. Um *points to photo* thats me, so sorry if I scared you, I go to Leeds art college and well me and my mates anyway all are a little scary.Thats basically all there is to know about me. I do however worship my Ps2 and the games Ico and FFX and bowl, 4 times a week, you know 10 pin... how I manage to fit college, art, a sunday job, bowling and FFX all in to one week, I dont know (gud innit) Thats why Im here and I reply to most so just leave a message...after the beep. *Beep* ****Updates**** 6th Jan 2003 - At last an update and I bet you all thought I'd disapeared for good this time, nope. I was just busy with college n stuff. Anyhows I have posted about 4 pictures this time, which is my biggest update ever. Enjoy, my faves the picture of the Gorgon even tho I dont think its spelt that way lol Please visit - Kathy. Lynn (shes cool and so's her gallery). Sheila N. Gordey (Another great artist..visit her works, lovely dragons and great ideas).