Steff Morris

Alright so a little about me that doesnt make me sound too lame or my work, As you can tell Im a huge fan of Fantasy, and if you read the little tid bit (that short bio thingy), you'll already know I like role playing. Infact I love it and spend a fair amount of time doing it. So most of the art here in my gallery is from those role plays, there my characters and their designs, and if your wondering yes they are all Dawndreamers (its kind of a special clan I invented for all my characters to be part of, even though its not exactly a unique name). Um yeah you want to know about me and not the made up stuff right... Im 17, I come from sheffield england, thats this scrotty place up north somewhere, where the footballs good very rarely (Im a Sheffield Wednesday fan I should know) and you can get the best chips in the country. Um *points to photo* thats me, so sorry if I scared you, I go to Leeds art college and thats basically it. I do however worship my Ps2 and the games Ico and FFX and bowl, 4 times a week, you know 10 pin... how I manage to fit college, art, a sunday job, bowling and FFX all in to one week, I dont know (gud innit)