Nick 'LimeGreenSquid' Marton

Hi.  I'm Nick.  Also known as LimeGreenSquid, or LimeGreenPickle.  I was born April 1st, 1980, and raised in BC, Canada for 23 years, and then moved to St.John's, Newfoundland in 2003 to be with my love (we met online).My goal in my art is to normalize the idea that fat girls, plump women, chubby chicks, Big Beautiful Woman are indeed Beautiful, and Sexy, and deserve to be the object of desire as much as un-chubby girls.  To throw down the evil ideas that only anorexic, sickly stick-women are the absolute concept of "beauty" in society, and replant the world with seeds of, "Well, hey ... she's plump, and she's actually kinda cute and sexy!"  But also to promote natural beauty of all kinds - there are some naturally thin girls out their who do still turn my head.  To promote activity and healthy natural body sizes - There are many fit fat girls out there who have more healthy energy than most of their thin friends!I don't claim to be this colossally great artist by any means, but i do what i do, and what i like to do, to my own lazy patience, directly affected by inspiration for a piece.  My media are simple: A:) Mechanical Pencils, and B:) Pencil Crayons (aka "colored pencils" or "leads" in Newfie-speak).  This Gallery is for my Fan Art, characters like Samus (i didn't fatten her), and Smurfette and Mega Man and He-man, etc... It's not a very big gallery, but i don't often do fan art stuff, so that's just logical.  I am re-opening this gallery after the server crash pretty much killed my original Fan Art page a couple weeks after the ticket finally went through.  So, here's to hoping for some comments again!Well, i hope you enjoy my gallery!  If you don't enjoy it, and you feel the need to comment, i respectfully ask that you use intelligence in your criticisms.  I've had too many cowardly, brainless, closed-minded (but how can they be closed-minded without a brain?) insulters, "U draw faat chiks 2 much, u suk and shud dye!" who are too cowardly to even leave a name of any sort!  So, if you think one of my pieces is stupid, tell me in proper english the aspects in which it could be improved (other than, "draw her thin and without body hair!"), or don't comment at all.  You only prove yourself to be the stupid one if you don't.  How can i take seriously the words of someone who only says the insult, without valid reason, who doesn't even have the confidence in what they are saying to leave their name, right?