AngelDevil or DevilAngel?

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Nick 'LimeGreenSquid' Marton

(Re-uploaded the same image, with the background colors smoothed out, rather than just raw grainy ugliness)I spent hours on this one. Hours of thinking, and planning, and plotting and drawing, and erasing and re-drawing, and planning the colors and waiting til i had another good set of quality pencil crayons to do good point-work without breaking at the slightest contact (prismacolor completely sucks!!! ** edit: at the time i had prismacolor pencil crayons that sucked, but now i use them all the time), and finally coloring all of the little tedious tidbits and details. It is Evil and Good combined. It is what we all are, for we can't have our Light without our Dark. To be an opposite, one must be the same. Such as is mentioned in 'The Farthest Shore', the 3rd book in Ursula K. LeGuin's Earthsea series: the back of the hand is much the same as the palm of the hand, yet are completely different. Always as one with each other, but separate. It is a crowning achievement, i believe. I spent a lot of time and effort on this. I still didn't get the quality type pencil crayons (or 'colored pencils' ... i'll never get used to that term, i've always grown up having them called 'pencil crayons' and that's what they eternally shall be!) that i wanted.  I got Derwent's. They were strong enough, but they didn't color on as smoothly as my Pro Art ones ... as can be seen in the red skin with that weirdly grainy black shading (all of that was the pencils' faults ... but it does seem to be a neat effect, as well ... so i'm forgiving it ... for now). They are watercolor pencils, which i don't know what difference they make ... maybe it's a characteristic that they color kinda 'clumpily', not allowing another color to shade smoothly on top like the Pro Art ones (**edit, but later i purchased a package of regular Derwent pencils, and they were just as clumpy and unreliable). And the paper i use is quite smooth, not grainy. I don't like grainy. I am still dying to find some really GOOD, STRONG-LEADED pencil crayons, ** edit: I've had Prismacolors redeemed in my mind ... sometimes they still break annoyingly with every sharpen, but most of them don't, which surprised me, and made me take back the nasty things i said about them ... but Pro Art is still sky-high quality in comparison ... But anyway, please let me know what you think!!

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