Seamus S P A Johnston

I think it's time for an update to my bio. It is now Feb. 27, 2006. I am sixteen years old; I love art; I love Elfwood. I am an unschooler, which means I don't go to school. My current interests include writing, bible history, bible study, art (fantasy, abstract, romanticism, Egyptian, not still life), calligraphy, language history, computational linguistics, 3d graphics and animation, and horses. I am a member of the Elftown's Comment Exchange. That means that if you would like to comment on my gallery somewhere, I will return the favor- guaranteed! Although I warn you, I am very slow about replying. Go to their Wiki and check it out. I respect copywrites, and strongly encourage my visitors to do the same. However, I believe that art is expression and expression is free, so. . . I have decided that everything I upload to my gallery here, except where I say otherwise in the description, is free for public use under the following conditions: That the artwork can be used for any propose, That the artwork can be modified in any way, That no money can be made from the artwork. As the images posted at Elfwood are very low quality, they would not be suitable for printing. Thus, if at any point I decide to start selling my work (and I do take commisions by the way), offering these images free would not detract from my profits. Personally, I would feel very flattered if someone thought my work was good enough to make an avatar, a banner, etc. out of.