Sherman Nodler

02-13-04 Call me Ish...I mean Skip! Who am I ?. I've a BS in Biology. (BS is very suited to me) I'm a recovering dog musher. Bit of a carpenter. I more or less make a living as a wood-turner i.e.: I make bowls, plates, boxes, bells etc. from wood on a lathe. I love to canoe, kayak and go for walks on the high tundra. I'm a musician. I play guitar, mandolin and fiddle. Since October of 2002 I've become an artist in pencil and starting an Elfwood page on Friday the 13th sounds very appropriate to me. At this point I need to say thank you to my mentor Jonathan. If it hadn't been for him I wouldn't have started drawing. Also the quality of my drawings would be poorer by far. I'd also like to thank my Friends here in the woods for their encouragement. They aren't the only folks in the woods who's art I like but they have befriended me. I am very grateful. Anika Kerstin Stumpf at gallery 517 Katja Alakotila at gallery 36 Linda Gock at gallery 75 So far all my drawings are in lead pencil. The thought of colour intimidates me a little. I've only been drawing a little over a year so cut me some slack. I won't complain if you use my art, but if you figure out how to make money at it send a percentage my way. I sure haven't figured out how to make money at it;-) Enjoy, Skip