Roelien Meijering

I am 27 and a PhD student (biologist). I live in Groningen (The Netherlands) and I like fantasy and science fiction. I like to watch anime and that inspires me to draw, although it is a bit hard to find the time in between work and friends.most drawings in the artwork section are photos from the real artwork, mostly I work on A3, which is too big to scanWith time some older work and sketches will be replace by their finished or redone counterparts or by better photographs. I like Dungeons and dragons (both book-playing version as pc game), guild wars, anime, biology, art. Favourite movies Battlestar galactica, Heroes, House, Reaper, Star Wars, Star Trek, lord of the rings, harry potter. Favourite books Tolkien, Robert Jordan, Terry Pratchett, Frank Herbert, Robin Hobb, harry potter, Pullman, C.s. Lewis Favourite music metal and gothic