Ville Nykänen

Well... What you need to know is that my pictures here are from my forever-lasting graphical novel project. It is a story that's been inspired be a cd. Moonsorrow's 'Kivenkantaja'... Is is placed partly in the history but also in scandinavian mythology. Both finnish and viking myth. At the end of the viking era, there was the christians. They came and spread their religion by sword. There was a bear hunter who came home and witnessed this crime. His village was in flames, his family was killed. With his bear spear he started a one-man vendetta against the men of the cross. He survived the fight but there was nothing left of his town of his family. So he walks away bleeding, looking for the humble. He travels far. He's about to turn back but sees an image of his dead family glowing on a top of a hill. His daughther points over the hill. He walks there and finds an army, 'forest of spears'... With no second thougt he attacks them, fights long and hard and kills them. His wife and the girl are gis shieldmaidens, to him it is the final battle, he is fighting the wolves that are about to eat the sun and the moon... But he wins... After that he continues seeking more of them. He has a hallusination of the city of the gods and that he's beeing betrayed by his people. In the end he's a bitter man who has nothing but the revenge and cant even find anyone to fight. But then he finds a village, gets people to come with him to burn a church. They betray him. He fells down. He dies with no regret or pain. His family comes and carries him away, to the city of the gods.