Harmon Kinstler

Well hi I just turned thirteen always waiting to join Elfwood. My sister, Mary Kinstler, joined Elfwood Before me. I have always loved to draw ever since my baby scribbles. The things im intrested in are, knights, swords, Art, Insects, robots, and other things. Now for video games (oh boy). Castlevania, Silent Hill, Devil may cry, Armored Core, Final Fantasy, Morrowind, Halo, Onimusha, Red Faction, And War Games And more. Books, um I like Broken sky, Artemis Fowl, Dragonlance, And Predator. I play Magic Cards and I like to watch Trigun also. I like to draw robots, monsters, knights, swords, and other things. Have fun! I am possibly going to be a art desighner for the online game Mech Crusadors www.mechg.com its an awsome mech game thats ranked number 1 on all the web game sites, ill inform you if I made it! My Sister's galla Here