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Meike Nooy

So there were more people on this earth. Where did they come from? Why did they hide? Didi they feel, just like her? They seemed very similar but their presence made her want to run back to the quiet and peace of the woods. Doon however these people would have to be dealt with, soon she would approach them. For now she decided to avoid and observe these people. So much like her, yet so different. A charcater design after Lim... this one would be for me. My fantasy charcter for a potential RPG game.. just a sketch I did in my notebook and took forever to get the lines out! I like her though, I think she is part of me, or part of what I woud like to be more like... a person close to nature, who can understand people well, maybe heeling hands or something/knowledge of herbs.. and a hawk or cat familiar.  

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