Ingrid Haugland

Hello, everyone. How do you do?My name is Ingrid, and I'm a Norwegian student. I tend to write long and boring bios, so feel free to skip the next parts and move on to my gallery ;)I like to draw and create stuff, and I spend quite a lot of spare time on it. However, I'm still a happy amateur, and cannot be compared to some of the more skilled artist of the Woods. I have so much to learn. But then again, everybody got to start somewhere, don't you think? :)I'd love to get some constructive criticism, so please leave a comment if you have time:)My favorite genre has allways been fantasy. I discovered Elfwood when I was approximately 11 years. Ever since, the Woods has been my inspiration.  Therefore, I  decided to join in, and contribute with my doodles and silliness. It has been a long time since I updated my gallery now, but I intend to do something about that in the next few months. Well, that’s enough babbling :) If you have read this far, which I rather doubt; Congratulations! You have reached the end of this bio! If you made it this far, maybe you'll take a look at my gallery as well? Thanks for the attention, and have fun!(And DON'T STEAL my or anybody elses art. Thanks a lot.)