Renate T....

Hi there! I'm pretty new here.. But I guess I'll just explain a little about myself. ;3I'm a 15 yeared girl from Norway. I love to draw! I've been drawing manga for about a year now (started May 07), so I'm still learning. Adobe Photoshop and other digital art is also pretty new to me, I got my first digital program around October 07. But before that I used to draw in Ms Paint. I also love doing tradtional art. xDBy the way, please visit my orginally site: (I have alot of art there in my gallery)I'm still not sure how to upload drawings here.. I tried, but it didn't come up any gallery or something. Lol, my english can be bad sometimes. 8D(My userpicture is drawn by me)  I like Manga/anime, dogs and wolfs (and all other kinds of animals), cycling, karate (I have 3. kyu, the 1. brown belt) etc.

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