Ashley Pappas

~*♥My boyfriend Rich means the world to me and I love him with all my heart♥*~~*I like my coffee black like my metal*~About me huh?! I dont even know who I am! So much has gone down and back up again my lifes nothing but one big ride. When you think you got me figured out, Ill change the rules, smack them right in your face and ask you if you want cake. Anyways I'm fun and down to earth. Im open minded, so Im always losing my mind! I  Im an artist = likes to draw and write poetry. That's right there my fellow people should tell you somethings not right upstairs. Ive not met one artist who is quite all there in the head I guess you can say we think outside the box. I tend to be drawn to morbid things because death is some thing I cant touch. Just because somethings plain doesnt mean its not beautiful. Im also Be Witched, yes Im a witch, well Wiccan to be exact. I believe in the witch way strongly and I stand up for what I believe in. Lifes too short to be thin! Have a Big Mac! I dont care what people think about me! Im a very trustworthy and loyal person.  If youve read this whole thing your must be bored and I must be interesting. Its My life Dont Pry Into It!