Nicole Russo

I've been writing for a good many years now, and I am always trying to learn and improve it. For me, there is nothing like taking an empty page - be it in a journal or on the computer - and filling it with my own words. I've been writing a story for a couple years now, but it is really many stories in one. Meaning: I have many ideas but find it very hard to link them. What you will see here will very, very likely have parts of this work on it. The main struggle in all of it is orginizing events and people. I hope to gain assistence in completing it through Elfwood with the help of comments and suggestions. The reason I write is to be read, and to really be read one must write well and the way to get there is with help. I ask you, reader, for that help. Anything you have to say will help me. I hope you enjoy what you read.

Mercenary's Link

It is a unique Link that Raynen and Brandt share, as they will share for many lives. This came to me one night all at once. This is still free standing, all I know is it happens long before Raynen meets Cross.

A New Evil

First encounter with a new evil. This follows, in a way, 'Mercenary's Link.' It gives another display of Raynen's Elemental abilities, and a teaser of what Cross really is.

Ballroom of Fhynix

A meeting between Raynen and the soul she knows by many names. I will give more about the Fhynix lands later on.

Poem: Midnight Deliverance

Another poem, inspired by a drive home by a night that seemed welcoming in its darkness.

The Vow

This man swore he would see her. He kept his word.


An introduction and background of the First Races and the main character, Raynen. A small part of my story at large.

Poem: Nameless Knowledge

Poem I wrote while thinking of Raynen and Merrick, but not able to get any parts of the story out. This tells, vaguely, of them and Cross

An End of Magic

A small tale of the final day of Magic on earth.

One Beginning to Another

A Continuation of 'One Beginning,' a Part Two if you will. Subject to Change as all of this is, but it works well enough here.

One Beginning

The Beginning for Merrick, Raynen's companion through the ages. This is how and why it began for him the way it did. And we meet Caley, who's future I have not fully decided on yet.

Poem: Life's Passing

Another Poem that is still on the dark side, but ... not one of sadness.

Poem: The Forsaken

A writing of fear and insperation. He came to me in the dark and needed his story told.

Poem: Salvation

My tribute to the Night

Another Meeting

This small tale is as much a part of the whole as the rest of my bits here. It is unfinished of course but I am very happy with what I have. The main character is Raynen of course, but I think Ghafner steals a bit of the show. I had lots of fun writing him and I hope you like him as much as I.

Changes to Come

We see Raynen for the first time as the leader of the Mercenaries. This occurs long long before 'One Learns the Truth.'

Poem: Relic

Inspired by the title itself. A word speaks different things to everyone. This said to me...

Poem: Twilight

A battle to write, but I am happy with the result.