N. Schulte

When I draw my pictures or storys I went into another world. My world! With the right music I try to give my pictures the emotions. But it gives time (mostly when I hear funny music) when I draw..'strange' and funny Pictures. The best time for me to draw is the night. With candlelights and Music from WT or NW I usually dra till 2-5am. The most pictures I draw are about Fantasy and horror. I love to draw dragons, (were)wolves, Vampires and demons or other stuff. But I also worked hard on my own mangas. I like Drawing, LARP, Reenactment, Horrorstuff *g* Favourite movies Repo! the genetic Opera, Alice in wonderland (yay), The snow queen Favourite books Coraline, Alice in wonderland/through the looking glass Favourite music Gothic Rock, (Symphonic) Metal, Folk, Dark Cabarret