Mariposa Gollery

 Wow, I haven't been on here in forever ^^;Updates: I've taken up drawing pretty seriously, and though a lot of my stuff probably wouldn't be fantasy or sci-fi enough for Elfwood, you can see it on my deviantART account here ---> am still an avid writer, but I don't write as much as I should.I'm actually thinking of starting a webcomic. Its working title is Strange Occurences, and though I'm willing to change it that's probably what it will always be. If you haven't noticed, I'm not the best at coming up with titles. Anyway, I've got a pretty good rough draft written out even if it is just a bunch of important scenes strung together in chronological order. We'll see how it turns out.So, there's a pretty accurate update on the part of my life you all need to know. Sorry for disappearing for so long. I like Reading. Writing. Drawing. Favourite movies Firefly, the Discworld movies, and...yeah, a lot. Favourite books The list is endless. Any books by Brian Jacques. Read them. Read them now. Anne McCaffrey, Terry Pratchett. Fav authors. Favourite music The Beatles, Paul McCartney (duh!) The Ting Tings. Jem.

Golden Flames

This is a short story, featuring my anthropomorphic feathered snake character Zuniel. I got all her concepts off of Seventh Sanctum, the wonderful generator site. Anyway, this is a random story I wrote with her. Yay!

Daughter's Magic

 So there are all these things where the kid can do magic and goes off to have all these adventures. Sometimes the parents find out and sometimes they don't. Well what about the parents? And can they do the same things their children can? Just something random that came out on Word. I was going to make it longer, but I didn't. 

Constantly Flying

Okay, here it is, edited and final (still hopefully) and good. Yaay!A vampire attacks and gets bested by a human, who is really not all that she seems...This is NOT a love story! NO! It really isn't! I'm serious! There is no love! None!

Werewolf Cat

 One night I was walking my dog and thinking...what would happen if a werewolf bit an animal besides a human? Could there be a werewolf iguana? A werewolf bird? Or, even better, a werewolf whale?Of course I had to do this to a cat. I should have the second part on soon, I just need to edit a little bit more. 

Werewolf Scene

 A little scene from a story that I will write! Eventually...

untitled vampire story

A vampire meets an unusual human who is really annoying at first....oh, and she likes tea!!!


A traveler finds out that elves do exist.... And they're angry.... Another untitled story, please give me sugguestions. All help is accepted gratefully.

Untitled dragon story

A nice little start to a story about a girl who goes to the dragons willingly.... I actually don't have a plot for this story yet, but I've got a few ideas. Just a start.

The Truth About Heaven

Two of the main characters die immediately. Find out what happens and why they die and how the story is even possible by reading it.