K. Kat' Addington

Well lets see? Where do I begin...Well Currently i reside within the lovely West Coast City...San Francisco. I'ma art student currently attending the Art Academy University of San Francisco and am just about to start my second semester as a student there. I am what some call a lifer, meaning I started drawing when i was very young, and it quickly became a source of entertainment and enjoyment as a child that grew slowly as I did. I give alot of credit to Delight Prescott who as a child my mother collected her works for years and I myself met and knew her most of my life. I always wanted to be like her...A artist. i was never meant to be a normal 9-5 adult and I knew it, my parents knew it...Though trust me it took awhile for them to accept that. My love of art grew until i finally decided to go out and do something about it. Since coming to school, i've been slowly trying to make my mark as a fantasy artist or as a Artist in general.I love creating and designing and always am coming up with new creatures, characters or animalsI actually get alot of my inspiration from music and songs and will sit for hours listening to music as I work. Though I love many artists I don't peg one or the other as major sources of inspiration, as I kinda recieve help and inspiration from them all.