Gemma Simmonds

Hello fellow art.....erm..people! ^.^ I have been on Elfwood before but I decided to start a fresh. If you havn't already guessed, I am Gemma. Although I do go by Ebony or EB on my other galleries. XD. As you will see from my pics I am mostly interested in Fantasy/ Medieval things (but who isnt in this place!). And also I do Fanart from animes and games which inspire me. I am also am enthusiastic online roleplayer too! which also gives me a lot of visuals and ideas for my drawing. Oh!, not to mention inspiration from music too. I listen to Evanesence, Disturbed, Lacuna coil, Rammstien etc..etc..and also soundtrack music. I am taking time out from education, too much stunting of creativity :P. Me and my sisterĀ have done a few paid commissions for two companies Logo designs, which they are using in full force :). AndĀ I have had alot of requests done for various fans of my work and also art trades. I will be opening up for requests and art trades later on...but not just yet. Anyhoo...Enjoy my galleries and let me know what you think! Gem aka The Ebony Phoenix. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~