Patricia Oliveira

 I love to draw, even if Im not good at it, and I’m always writing on classes!I’m a little insecure of showing my draws and normally I’m a quite person and prefer to listen to others before specking. I like I really like to read and to see fantasy films, I’m a animal lover (because of that I have at home five cats and three dogs 0_o), I ad already said I pass lot of time drawing and writing (and its because of that I have bad grades… well, not bad, just normal), I’m always listening to music and I have another interests but I’m not going to say them all! Favourite movies I liked all the films in the saga the alien, lord of the rings, Doctor Who, Heroes I also like vampire films and werewolf, but they always make Cliché films! And another’s… Favourite books “Black Jewels Trilogy” (I really loved it! And all another books of Anne Bishop), “If I Pay Thee Not in Gold”, twilight (I liked but I’m not good start screaming “ like OMG twilight is the best book of all!!!” that’s just sick), Children of the Lamp, Succubus Blues and more that I don’t remember… Favourite music I’m a person of many tastes, but normally I prefer rock.