Jen Emery

**Jeez...I haven't updated this in ages!  I'll have to try to keep on top of things! ;)** Hi, my name is Jen! I have been interested in art ever since I was a wee little baby and drew all over everything I could get a hold of. I have always felt like it was important to express myself visually, but often find it difficult to tame everything that's floating around inside my head! I have an Associate's Degree in Illustration, and am currently working on a Bachelor's Degree in Media Art and Animation. I've done multiple freelance and contract jobs such as illustrations, portraits, and cd covers, almost all fantasy related, and am always interested in considering more! I hope to someday be able to live completely on revenue from my creations, but until then I'll just keep trucking along and creating art whenever I can :) ***If anybody wants to be notified when I update this page just send me an email! ;) ***