Kitsuki Tonbo

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Micah King' Weltsch

This character is my Legend of the Five Rings (Rokugan) alter-ego, Kitsuki Tonbo. He was born to a Tamori shugenja woman and her Mirumoto bushi husband. He developed a talent for commanding the kami, but his impeccable eye for detail and puzzle-solving earned him the attention of a Kitsuki friend of the family. Being the second son, Tonbo's parents allowed the Kitsuki to adopt him and Tonbo grew up trained in the Dojo of the First Glance and Dojo of the Perfect Word. He advanced his spiritual training under his mother's tutelage but unlike other Dragon shugenja, he trained with the Kitsuki, learning law and courtly etiquette rather than martial skill. At gempukku, he took the name Tonbo to honor both of his grandfathers, who were members of the Dragonfly Clan. He earned the position of Emerald Magistrate from Toturi III, a Hawk tattoo from the Togashi ise zumi, and the true friendship of several Scorpions after putting together important clues that unraveled and foiled a Kolat plot to attack the Seppun Temples. He has some issues with self-doubt, however, and doesn't always feel that he deserves the praise and rewards he received. If Tonbo were a L5R card, I imagine he'd go something like this: 2F/4C; Honor requirement: 4, Gold Cost: 9, Personal Honor: 3; Dragon Clan Courtier * Shugenja * Emerald Magistrate * Unique Political Reaction: Once per turn when another player's Personality bows for the Imperial Favor: Tonbo issues an unrefusable challenge to that Personality. Do not destroy the loser. If Tonbo wins the duel, the Personality's owner does not gain the Favor and cannot lobby for it again this turn.

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