Guido Ogrzal

In the year 2000 i crawled thru elfwood galleries. One day after another i looked over hundreds of pictures. And most of them were so great. A few weeks later i (re)found some old pictures. The teachers told me 'they are bad', but in the moment i´ve looked on them so much years after school i felt them not so bad. So i thought 'Hey! I could draw my role playing character.', but no guess how i would start. So i crawled back to elfwood and also many web sites looking for 'draw it myself'. So i got some new contacts and very good tips. Now i hope i will be inspired again to draw more pictures (if i have enough time for that). And i also want to share my 'inspirations' with you. Now there has gone many months since my last drawing, but i will show you my newest creation... ;-)