Jason Allard

I've been writing for a while, but only now am I starting to think of my stuff as being worth putting out for public viewing. I'm a graduate of the UNH English Dept. (Hell for anyone interested in writing scifi/fantasy/horror) and the 2001 Odyssey Writer's Workshop. I get a lot of my inspiration from anime. I also get a lot of inspiration from actually history, mainly samurai and the Knights Templar. Many of the stories I've posted are connected. Six of them are part of the same over-arching story arc. Here's a list of them in order... 'Death' 'Showdown' 'The Children of Arqiel' 'The Meeting' 'Wake-up Call' 'Gladius Dei' Also taking place in the same world, albeit MUCH earlier, are 'Outremer, 1290AD' and 'The Vampire Hunter.' They may become important later...


Tenth Man Down

A military police officer with a tortured past works with a Federal agent to protect a young hacker from a murderer.

Untitled Mecha

Its just another day in the Legion for Akira as his until is scambled to take part in the seige of a Tidean fortress. This was written several years ago, and presumed lost. Figured I'd see what people thought of it.

Nekokaburi Chapter 1

During the last decades of the Tokugawa regime, a magistrate is sent to the distant frontier of Hokkaido to investigate a mysterious beast that is killing beast that is killing peasants by the dozens.

The Pogrom

This is the story that got me into Odyssey 2001. Was written while watching 'Record of Lodoss War' followed by 'Braveheart.'

Gladius Dei

During the Last Days, a band of freedom fighters seek a weapon that will give them a chance against the might of the Antichrist


This is really more of just a scene. Its the event that precipitates 'Showdown.'

Elemental Soldier Neko pt 1 - 5

A pair of highschool catgirl littermates are recruited to fight the forces of evil as magic begins returning to the world.

The Vampire Hunter

Vlague, the errant vampire hunter, makes an assault on a den of vampires. He meets more than he expected and suffers the consequences.

Takeshi's Castle: The Gauntlet

Ren, a ronin in the employ of General Tani volunteers for a dangerous mission to help bring down Lord Takeshi's mighty fortress. Inspired by 'Takeshi's Castle' the Japanese gameshow brought to the US by Spike TV as 'Most Extreme Elimination Challenge.'


Julia, now a Duelist, must deliver an important message, accompanied by two fo her comrades, Wolfram and Cadman.

The Invaders

An alien force invades the planet, bent on conquest. The defenders are ill-prepared to deal with them.

Vampire Princess Meow

A young catgirl is attacked while walking across her college campus. As she recovers, she learns that she has been chosen to be the bride of the world's most powerful vampire, and only she can defeat him.

The Unlucky Thief

A thief gets what he deserves when he raids an ancient temple. Another story written quite a while ago. I wrote this in about fifteen minutes.

The First Time

A part of the larger Absalom story, this is Julia's first battle and her first encounter with her childhood friend, Miko, since leaving to become a Duelist.

Wakeup Call

Jack Allgood is rudely awakened on the day that ends the Mayan calendar. he must escape his Seattle hotel in order to face the up coming dangers of the Last Days. The first chapter of 'Doomsday'

Los Locos

A Texas Ranger arrives in a ghost town to find that its not quite dead yet.

Working Title: Sushi Western, Prologue

I was originally inspired by a video of Cowboy Bebop set to the music from 'The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.' It dawned on me that most of the 60's and 70's 'spaghetti westerns' were remakes of earlier Japanese films. 'The Maginicent Seven' is nothing more than a western remake of Kurosawa's 'The Seven Samurai.' Likewise, his movie, 'Sanjuro' was remade into 'A Fistful of Dollars.' Much later it was again remade into 'Last Man Standing' but that's beside the point. I decided to have some fun and turn the process around. This is the beginning of a story that I watched as a western and am rewriting as a samurai epic. This prologue sets up the stage by telling the story of the great treasure. The hidden object of the quest.

Mysterious Fighter Ryugachi

I got the idea for writing this from a website that gives semi-random male/female crime-fighter pairings. Seemed like an interesting exercise.

Elemental Soldier Neko pt 6 - 10

A pair of highschool catgirl littermates are recruited to fight the forces of evil as magic begins returning to the world.

Outremer, 1290AD

This is the beginning of the story of a young knight on a holy quest. Roland, one of the Knights Templar, confronts a series of angels and learns of a terrible future that he can avert.


A young man and his rats work to save lives after a building is brought down by a magical blast.

Working Title: Absalom Pt 1

A young girl finds herself thrust into a training program for an elite unit of bodyguards/scouts after being the subject of a love ocnfession. I'd had the idea for this before seeing the first three episodes of 'Revolutionary Girl Utena' but I'll admit, there are some similarites...


A girl initerviews for a very different job than she expected.

Working Title: Janissaries Pt 1

A young man faces growing up in a mercenary military academy for orphans. Inspired by such works as 'Ender's Game' Harry Potter, and 'Final Fantasy 8.'


This is the rough draft of the last showdown between former friends in one of my stories. Jack is my oldest and most oft used characters. He has some serious angst.

The Children of Arqiel

Jack Allgood visits a town overrun by a doomsday cult in order to rescue a girl who has been recruited into their group. The last thing he epects to find is someone like himself. Set somewhere around the time of 'The Meeting.'

Et in Arcadia Ego

In a post-apocalyptic world brought about by a religious war, a young woman is trying to escape the killer robots in a ruined city. In keeping with the Elfwood rules, I have provided translations for the non-English text, but as Daena does not speak either of the languages, they are listed as endnotes at the end of the story.

The Ubume's Gift

During the upheaval of the Meiji Restoration, a young samurai has an encounter with the supernatural that leaves him holding an infant girl.

Resurrection Vortex, pt1

A young man on an expedition to explore a long lost graveyard in the woods of Kentucky encounters a strange beast and a mysterious young woam who seems to know something about him.

The Night Watchman

Otto has applied for a job at a library as the night watchman.

The Meeting

A scholarly priest's nocturnal studies of the forthcoming end times are interuptted by a mysterious visitor.


This is a retelling of a traditional Japanese ghost story. 'Kaidan' simply means ghost story. It is the tale of Hideki Sugita and his unexpected brush with the afterlife, in 1868 Kyoto.

The Visitor

Father Walker is an Apocalyptical researcher, and he recieves a frightening visitor one night. This story was awarded an 'Honorable Mention' in the July/August '04 issue of Writer's Journal for their 'Write to Win' constest. I also used it for a reading at a local Barnes and Noble store the evening of 7/28/04.